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Viewing: B 70-27L

B 70-27L O gauge SR style signal box - left stairs

B 70-27L O gauge SR style signal box - left stairs
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All our products are made with conservation grade wood fibre board ranging from 0.45mm in thickness to 2.6mm in thickens where appropriate. We recommend using PVA or wood glue to glue the wood fibre board parts together and cyanoacrylate or resin based glue for 3d printed parts if present. Both enamel and acrylic paints have been tested and can be used. Avoid saturating the material with excessive moisture. If bowing occurs leave to dry and gently bend back to shape. Not suitable for outdoor use.

Price £25.99 + postage and packaging

This signal box is based on the recently demolished Wool Signal box (LSWR design opened in 1890's then under Southern Railway). Based on the earlier version before it was extended. Model includes new door knobs as well as railings made with 0.8mm plywood to get it closer to prototypical fineness.

Width: 111mm, with balcony/stairs: 200mm
Depth: 76mm, with balcony/stairs: 90mm