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B 00-04 Early 20th century country Railway Station type 2

B 00-04 Early 20th century country Railway Station type 2
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All our products are made with conservation grade wood fibre board ranging from 0.45mm in thickness to 2.6mm in thickens where appropriate. We recommend using PVA or wood glue to glue the wood fibre board parts together and cyanoacrylate or resin based glue for 3d printed parts if present. Both enamel and acrylic paints have been tested and can be used. Avoid saturating the material with excessive moisture. If bowing occurs leave to dry and gently bend back to shape. Not suitable for outdoor use.

Price £17.99 + postage and packaging

LCC bundle early 20th century country railway station type 2. Building size 205mm x 91.5mm with gabled roof. Assembly and some trimming of parts required.

This bundle contains:
Image of LCC 00-002x LCC 00-00
Image of LCC 00-011x LCC 00-01
Image of LCC 00-021x LCC 00-02
Image of LCC 00-081x LCC 00-08
Image of LCC 00-08A1x LCC 00-08A
Image of LCC 00-091x LCC 00-09
Image of LCC 00-212x LCC 00-21
Image of LCC 00-221x LCC 00-22
Image of LCC 00-232x LCC 00-23
Image of LCC 00-24A2x LCC 00-24A
Image of LCC 00-24B2x LCC 00-24B
Image of LCC 00-341x LCC 00-34
Image of LCC 00-351x LCC 00-35
Image of LCC 00-381x LCC 00-38
Image of LCC 02-001x LCC 02-00
Image of LCC 02-011x LCC 02-01
Image of LCC 02-021x LCC 02-02
Image of LCC 02-033x LCC 02-03
Image of LCC 02-074x LCC 02-07
Image of LCC 02-168x LCC 02-16
Image of LCC 02-2516x LCC 02-25
Image of LCC 02-274x LCC 02-27