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Modular laser cut model railway kits in various scales and materials

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O gauge small GWR signal box and interior

O gauge GWR signal box and interior
O gauge GWR signal box and interior

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  • GWR Signal box B 70-13L with LCC 73-31 balcony added and hipped roof build with BM 70-00. Floor cut out from LCC 74-48 to match the size of stock floor from the kit (to get wood plank effect).
  • Painted in approximation to the Blue Anchor Station signal box in Somerset
  • Build time approx 12 hours
  • Painting time approx 18 hours

Glue used:

  • Gorilla Wood Glue
  • Superglue for painted parts
  • Everbuild contact adhesive for glazing

Paints used:

  • Railmatch acrylic 2423 mixed with Railmatch acrylic 2424 in 9 to 1 ratio. Painted in two coats onto the brickwork
  • Humbrol enamel 32 used for engineering bricks.
  • Brick base model without windows sprayed with generous coat of Paint factory yacht varnish.
  • Railmatch acrylic 2122 used undiluted for mortar. Applied generously, wiped into all of the mortar lines then wiped off with kitchen cloth.
  • Signal box inside painted with Phoenix Precision Paints P21. Light Stone and Humbrol enamel 186.
  • Windows painted with Railmatch enamel 421 matt white.
  • Window frames painted with Phoenix Precision Paints P22. dark stone.
  • Top windows woodwork and doors painted with Phoenix Precision Paints P21. Light Stone
  • Staircase and balcony painted with Phoenix Precision Paints P21. and P22.
  • Staircase, balcony, and windows painted with paint factory matt clear varnish (Can says its matt but it gives satin finish which is what I wanted)
  • Floor cut out of LCC 74-48 and painted with Humbrol Enamel 94
  • Roof put together with modified LCC 73-27 combined with two LCC 73-28. Roof tiles made with BM 70-00 roof painted sprayed with Halfords grey primer as base coat. Matt black thinned down and applied to the roof to darken it then wiped off.
  • Interior modified by lowering the shelf and shortening levers. Interior painted with various enamel paints by Humbrol, Revell, Railmatch, and Phoenix precision.
  • Chimney painted the same way as walls. Sprinkled with black weathering powder and sealed with matt varnish.