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Modular laser cut model railway kits in various scales and materials

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OO gauge GWR half relief station painting guide

OO gauge GWR half relief station

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  • GWR standard station loosely based on Hagley Station near Stourbridge on the border of West Midlands and Worcestershire.
  • Painted in approximation to the Hagley station as seen on pictures online (typical GWR station colour scheme).
  • Built from various LCC parts
  • Build time approx 10 hours
  • Painting time approx 12 hours

Glue used:

  • Elmer’s Glue-All
  • Superglue for painted parts
  • Everbuild contact adhesive for glazing

Paints used:

  • Hycote Red oxide primer sprayed in two coats
  • Coat of yaht varnish from rattle can (cheap stuff from local hardware store)
  • RailMatch 605 GWR Roof White used undiluted to highlight mortar lines (applied generously and then wiped off) Not happy with how brickwork turned out, too patchy in places. Would work better with acrylic paint.
  • Pheonix P953 used to drybrush brickwork
  • Railmatch 1407 matt varnish sprayed over brickwork in a modest coat
  • Railmatch 606 used as light stone
  • Railmatch 607 used as dark stone (not happy with the shade, too light and not enough red pigment)
  • Glazing – polyester acetate from LCUT creative range glued to windows with everbuild contact adhesive
  • Door handles painted with Pheonix P984
  • Roof base coat painted with Humbrol 98
  • Roof washed with heavily thinned down matt black Railmatch
  • Chimneys base coated with Pheonix P953
  • Mortar lines painted with diluted Revell Aqua Color 361 05
  • Roof sealed with RailMatch 407 Matt Varnish
  • Moss glued in patches with Gorilla glue (optional step, works better in O gauge)
  • Roof glued to base building with superglue