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Modular laser cut model railway kits in various scales and materials

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Requently asked Questions

Frequently asked questions:

What is the material?

Wood fibre board and watercolour boards for larger scales and MDF and paper for smaller scales.

What glue do you use?

PVA, wood glue, Deluxe Materials Laser Cut Kits Glue. Bostic contact adhesive.

What paints do you use?

Acrylics or enamels. Anything that works on paper/card will work. Avoid paints that are very thin.

How do you paint them?

You can refer to the painting guides we did on the main page of our website.

What primers do you use?

Anything off the shelf is fine. Test on a scrap piece just in case but I never had any issues.

Can you airbrush them?

Yes, this is my method of choice as of late.

How do you hide the corners?

Overpaint them until the darker colour is covered. Priming with dark primers helps with that.

What if part is damaged?

Most damage can be mended easily. Fallen off bricks can be glued back in place with bit of PVA. Crushed part corners can be soaked with a little bit of watered down PVA and then clamped flat. Parts that turn to mush are irrecoverable.

Can I request a kit/do you do commissions?

Due to focusing on our range we are not able to take in any commissions. We are happy to add ideas to the ever growing list of kits to do but we cannot guarantee they will ever enter production.

Do you do anything with other brick bonds?

Yes, some of our kits use different brick bonds especially those that are not modular. Due to how English and Flemish bond works it would be almost impossible to have modular buildings with it.

Where do you get your designs?

Books and pictures mostly. However if you know enough about architecture you can design building to fit a purpose from scratch.

Can your kits be used outside?

We can’t recommend that unless they will be taken in before they get rained on.

How do your kits do with moisture?

Quite well as long as they don’t wet. Air humidity doesn’t affect them much. Proof are the display kits we carry with us to shows. They are normally stored in an unheated garage.

Can I collect in person?

I’m afraid due to where we work and insurance reasons we can’t allow customers to collect their orders. I have personally delivered few orders that were very close us or were something large/part built.

What shows do you do?

Please see the trade shows calendar on our website.

Can you supply your kits assembled/painted?

Due to time constraints we unfortunately can’t. Not for a lack of wanting.