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Modular laser cut model railway kits in various scales and materials

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Celebrating 10 years with the Gauge O Guild

LCUT creative is celebrating 10 years of producing laser cut model kits this year. To celebrate we teamed up with the Gauge O Guild and will be giving away £1000 worth of vouchers at their shows.

10 vouchers each worth £100 each will be given away to advanced ticket purchasers for the 2023 shows:

  • Gauge O Guild Spring Show 2023 - 2 vouchers
  • Gauge O Guild Southern Show 2023 - 2 vouchers
  • Gauge O Guild Summer Show 2023 - 2 vouchers
  • Guildex 2023 - 4 vouchers (2x from the one day ticket hat and 2x from the two day ticket hat)

For more information and to purchase advanced tickets please head to the Gauge O Guild events page.