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Viewing: B 00-23SP

B 00-23SP OO gauge brick and steel bridge

B 00-23SP OO gauge brick and steel bridge
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Price £8.99 + postage and packaging

Bridge with brick piers and steel girder. To build a single road deck version of this bridge you can purchase LCC 00-78 and use them instead LCC 00-89.

Total width: 115mm Road width: 91.5mm
Deck level: 79mm
Inner clearance: 70mm high and 97mm wide
Total length: 153mm

This bundle contains:
Image of LCC 00-764x LCC 00-76
Image of LCC 00-774x LCC 00-77
Image of LCC 00-872x LCC 00-87
Image of LCC 00-88P2x LCC 00-88P
Image of LCC 00-894x LCC 00-89