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5 year celebration promotion

To celebrate 5 years of LCUT creative we will be giving away gifts with qualifying orders made through our website

Choice of gifts:

T 00-00 T 00-01
Click here to find out more about T 00-00 Click here to find out more about T 00-01
T 00-02 T 00-03
Click here to find out more about T 00-02 Click here to find out more about T 00-03

How to claim your free gift:

Key points:

  1. Orders above £50
  2. One free gift per order
  3. Additional postage chargers to overseas customers may apply
  4. Promotion runs in October 2018
  5. Enter by PayPal order note or email (
  6. Must accept the terms and conditions by writing "I have read and understood, and agree with the terms and conditions of the 5 year celebration promotion" with the order
  7. If you need any help let us know at

Full terms and conditions:

  1. Terms: “we” = LCUT creative. “Customer” = you
  2. Promotion runs from 00:00AM 01/10/2018 to 12:00PM 31/10/2018. Purchases made during this period only.
  3. Acceptance of this terms and conditions is required to participate. Following statement must be included either in the email or order note to receive the gift: "I have read and understood, and agree with the terms and conditions of the 5 year celebration promotion"
  4. Purchase on website for at least £50 is required to enter. Postage is excluded from the total. If the order qualifies for the usual free postage it qualifies for the promotion.
  5. Only one gift per order.
  6. You can enter by either sending a note with your purchase or email with purchase number from the email the purchase was made with. You must specify which gift you would like to receive. LCUT creative must be notified of gift choice before the order is dispatched. Dispatch usually finished on working days at 4PM. Orders are generally dispatched within one working day.
  7. The gift is not transferable and cannot be claimed as money back.
  8. No additional cost to UK addresses. Overseas addresses must arrange with LCUT creative payment of additional postage charges before order is dispatched. Please write to us at with your gift of choice, country of residence, and PayPal transaction number. We will raise PayPal invoice for the additional postage charges. If gift is claimed and no contact is made by overseas customer we will send the PayPal invoice for additional postage charges. If no further contact is made or no payment is made within 3 working days of order being placed the order will be dispatched without free gift.
  9. We will be flexible and fair in regards to giving time and chance to customer to claim the free gift. If there is something missing, wrong, or out of order we will attempt to contact the customer before dispatch is made. If no contact is made within 3 days we will dispatch the order without the free gift.
  10. Purchases through our website only.
  11. Should the conditions of this promotion change during its time the changes will be highlighted and dated.
  12. Terms and conditions revision 01 written on 01/10/2018 by Jakub Stachula representative of LCUT creative.
  13. Please contact us at if you have any questions.
  14. We are not liable for any damage to products once they have been received by customer. We are not liable for any injuries, damage, etc whilst using LCUT creative products. Children should be supervised whilst using LCUT creative products.
  15. Orders damaged in transit will be replaced free of charge. Any lost orders or orders that do not arrive within reasonable time will be replaced. Any missing parts, damaged parts will be replaced free of charge. You can cancel your order any time before it is dispatched. You can return entire order or parts of it if you are not happy with them for a refund. Returned products must be undamaged and sealed unless there was something wrong with them.